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Skinny teen stepdaughter Kyler Quinn slowly seduces her stepmom Krissy Lynn by sensually massaging her naked body and slowly touching her yummy pussy!

Опубликовано sheseducedme
12 дней назад
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Stupid Script
кому: Nickyhere : i sipped my appletini, and giggled as i read Nicky's DM... "sinny. sorry, you're into... you're into? And you can't keep away from my...? ...pussy?" i bit my lip, and licked my fingers... this... is going to be FUN! GIGGLES!

i am NOT responsible for what happens from here on!

SHE invited me.

i bite my lip, and slide my fingers in my mouth deeply.... collecting my saliva, i reach deeply, tickling my throat, collecting my saliva, and then paint... drawing slow, wide circles on my clit, i paint my vagina with my saliva! ohhhhhh... that feels.... guuuuuuud!!!!!! i watch, wide-eyed! i watch as i.. well.. as i masturbate. :flushed: i watch as i jill, imaginging that SHE.... Nicky... let me touch Her... let me massage Her... let me touch every part of Her body... i love Her. i love my Nicky. i wiggle, giggle, and am about to cum, when.... LOL!!! Nicky burst into my room! "cindy, WHAT are yew doing!??!?" i blushed furiously! :flushed: i collected myself, bit my lip, and without stopping.... continuing to rub my kitty, i stared into Her grey, angry eyes and whispered.... "Nicky! i am SO sorry, BUT!!! Nicky! YOU! YOU invited me here!"

Her grey eyes softened, and took on a Motherly love.... She smile at me, and whispered... "sinny, yew are such..... a good girl!"

46:50 She growled... "sinny, yew know that... that thing yew did with my behind?" (i blushed FURIOUSLY!!! :flushed: ) i giggled, and whispered "ummm... YES!" She continued... "Well, cindy... would yew like if i did that to yew?"

my face turned beet-red! :blush: i whispered... "OMG Nicky! i would LOVE for Yew to eat my ass!!!"

And that was the night.

That was the night i became Nicky's toy.

Her plaything.

I AM, and will forever be... Her good girl. 
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Omgosh. Love the build up to this. The sex was lovely to watch. 
very hot
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